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Facebook Group Rules

Updated 3rd April 2019.


You are now part of a dynamic, exciting, friendly, and most importantly honest and helpful community. In joining this community we ask that you help us to keep it that way. To keep it a place where real people can find trusted, honest and real recommendations, we have some really simple rules and ask all of our members to stick to them, and to report those who don’t.

In becoming part of this group and posting reviews in this group, we suggest that you read our Privacy Policy and General Terms of Service. As part of our Facebook Community you agree that My Best Product Ever Ltd may use your posts across all social media channels, may repost your images and may share review content. If subject matters are health-related, of a personal nature or related to children, My Best Product Ever will not repost or share your reviews or comments without your prior consent.

BEST POSTS EVER  Best posts that get the group excited are; honest, positive; passionate; and relevant. Remember – A picture speaks a thousand words – keep it sharp, snappy and on point. And give us a great image!

BEST BEHAVIOUR EVER What do we expect from you to keep things fabulous?

*Ask questions – start the conversation
*Solve problems – help each other out. Don’t just stick to ‘likes’ on the posts from your friends, get involved, give your recommendations.
*Be positive – celebrate each other’s posts. If someone is posting for the first time and you’re a power poster, let them know what was great about their post.
*Be informed – use search and see if anyone else has posted and the answers are there, or bump old threads with new relevance to the top.
*Think before you post, make it count, make it useful
*Be genuine – that’s what makes this place brilliant. Real people, real reviews about products you’ve discovered that are brilliant.


WATCH OUT  We don’t want to have to remove you. Yes it does happen. Stick to the rules and you won’t be one of the unfortunate ones left with severe FOMO!

*Self Promote, affiliate promote, spam or insert clickbait into threads.
*Do not invite members into other groups or pages (that’s also self promotion)
*Do not offer samples – that means you’ve a vested interest in a product
*No pyramid sales or network marketing sales products can be mentioned by distributors, again, that’s vested interest.
*No cold private messaging or soliciting for PMs

BEST BRANDS EVER If you’re a brand owner, don’t post about your own product. Contact us via email and let’s discuss. If your product is that good we’d probably jump to work with you!


BEST RECOMMENDATIONS EVER In being part of this group you accept these rules and also accept that we may anonymously share quotes from posts to our websites and other social channels.