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BeCarma specialise in golden CBD Oils - this means they have been refined and purified the taste of the pure oil is so much more palatable than any other oils we've tried, what's more they have used other oils to develop flavoured oils - even easier for some to then use these products. They source from the best suppliers across the UK and Europe and all have testing certificates Shop Now

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Magic Gel, Hit the Spot, Active Glow and more – extraordinary products from a family-run British business keen to share their natural products with the world. With testimonials galore, the use of colloidal silver in medicine and alternative medicine is well catalogued. We've tried the Magic Gel on sunburn, prickly heat, stings, rashes and sores and eczema and seen strong results. Use code MBPE15 to enjoy 15% off Shop Now

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WUKA Period Pants

We've tried them, loved them and converted as have our trialists. We've had great reports from mums of teens using these too. If you want to go with the flow, these period pants are the best we've tried. And with our MBPE code you can enjoy 10% off. Shop Now.

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This was the trial of all trials. A digestive enzyme for people with Lactose or Gluten intolerances. 20 GF and 20 DF trialists took the plunge and tried tucking into some of their most favourite foods using these capsules to keep the symptoms away. So if you're missing pizza, pasta or freshly cooked bread, would love creamy pud or massive ice cream keep these handy and give them a go! A game-changer for over 90% of our trialists. Take 20% off. Shop Now

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So much to say about this little life changer. A post from a member of our FB Group in the summer led to this little company enjoying hundreds of sales in 24 hours. A phone call with the company later and this brand saw the beginning of our partner promotions. This little miracle is a plaster patch to put on your mozzie bites. Within 20 mins, swelling is reduced and the itching stops. That simple. Get two packs for £10. Shop Now.

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Indulge your hair every wash with the phenomenal 72Hair products, each as good as the others. We love all of these, with the Blow Dry Cream, the Mask and the Repairing Oil featuring regularly on our Facebook Group enjoying heaps of positive reviews. But no reason to stop there, why not go for the total treatment and get yourself the Shampoo and Conditioner too and know that every day will be a great hair day. Shop Now

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Loved on our Facebook Group, loved by our trialists, this leave-in hair treatment lasts for around three washes and eliminates all frizz leaving hair smooth, straight and glossy and totally protected against humidity. Safe for use with keratin treatments, and on coloured, grey or fragile hair. Shop Now

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Our fave boutique Suzy D is giving MBPE followers and fans an incredible 25% off with MBPE code MBPE25. Great knits, coats, dresses, and fab accessories for every day and party season. Shop Now

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Head to Solace Jewellery for the best ever selection of hypoallergenic earrings for all occasions. Forget 925 silver and gold, we are talking surgical steel of the highest quality. Highly polished, doesn't tarnish or dull, and is so much tougher and longer lasting. What's more, it's not mixed with anything that even the most allergic of ears could be affected by. Get 3 pairs for the price of 2 with code MBPE342 Shop Now

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These crossbody leather phone cases mean you'll never drop your handset again! Stunning style complete with a back pocket for oyster or bank card. You can also buy a zipper purse that clips on as well, meaning you can go handsfree. Back in stock and now available for iphone11 too! Shop Now



Hug Rugs...washable, stylish and most of all available in a HUGE range of colours and patterns. Pet-proof, mud-proof and stain-proof we just love them. What's more they're made in Britain, and woven from RECYCLED materials including plastic bottles and old tshirts. Who wants a boring mat when you can bring a Hug Rug into the home. They're also really comfy and the runner size looks great in nurseries, utilities rooms, hallways and even in the bathroom Shop Now

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Gary Hogben's art has been enjoyed around the world and exhibited at leading galleries such as Saatchi Gallery over the years. His mixed medium talent extends from collage work, using postage stamps to create his masterpieces, to acrylic work, sculpture and stencils. His subjects include pop and rock icons, sportmen, actors and more. And he also takes commissions. Check out his website and enjoy 20% off with our MBPE20 code. Get shopping for someone you love Shop Now

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This UK-based company source the highest quality ingredients for their hand made products, whilst also being environmentally conscious. The base ingredients are created using a plant based product and their oils sourced are sourced from members of the Aromatherapy Trade Council. The fragrances are rich and really long-lasting and there's something for everyone. Yours at 25% off with the MBPE code Shop Now

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Want more energy, concerned about the side effects from living in a constantly plugged in world? EnergyDots protect your body from the scrambling effect that electromagnetic fields can have upon it. Check out our feature that explains more or simply head to EnergyDots and read all about it. Oh, and enjoy 20% off. Protect yourself today Shop Now

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This new, vegan kids haircare range has launched two products to date. Their Hair Smoothie detangles and tames, and their Hair Gel spikes and styles. Both products contain only natural plant-based products and the packaging is sugarcane-based so 100% biodegradable. Check it out and enjoy 15% off when you use our MBPE code.

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This is iced coffee MASTERED !

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