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Big established brands have deep pockets, allowing them to afford to reach massive audiences and promote their products. The reality is, advertising sucks. Brands pay a fortune to get you excited about their products, to make you feel you must have things that weren’t ever in your conscience, let alone on your shopping list. The entrepreneurs are fighting to get heard, to get meetings, to get shelf space.

MBPE stands for the small businesses. We stand for the young businesses. We stand for the new and exceptional products that real people, really want. Forget the shiny ads, the over-claims and dressed-up promises. The advice and recommendations from people we know, is more valuable than anything. To be recommended products that are genuinely talked about by real people, because they’re excited by them is what makes for great finds. Let’s not forget, advertising has existed for less than 200 years, whereas people have been talking to each other for millions.

To create a community of advisors, who share their product loves with each other, helping the little, new, innovative and creative brands shout louder than their means allow. To give them a space where their profile is raised far higher than it could be by one voice alone. To provide those brands with a platform to find their early adopter customer base, their premiere advocates and ambassadors. The people that will make their business fly.

What’s different about us is that we listen to our members. This all began as a space to share and will always continue to be just that. Many of our products have been introduced by our members and then later become firm favourites on the store. We are as genuine and as passionate as you in our selections and would never work with a product that we didn’t hand on heart feel was worthy of the MBPE accolade.

We’re sure you’ll like it, but it not, you can return it to us within 14 days of delivery for a refund. Simply contact us with a brief explanation. Please read our Refund Policy for full details.

Unlike the wealth of new world social media influencers out there, at MBPE we don’t charge fees to endorse products, and don’t trade off our member base to apply a ‘rate-card’ to our online activity. We work with the brands our members love, that our community feel are worthy of becoming a Best Ever. We are approached by brands day in, day out, eager to reach our audience, but unless we genuinely love the product, we won’t even take a conversation further. We are loyal to those who we support, but in line with our desire to maintain our integrity, we are also clear that today’s best ever may well be surpassed by another brand tomorrow. It’s our role to be that honest. With ourselves as well as the brands we work with.

As we head forward we’re going to be ramping up our new product launches, offers and promotions. So make sure you’re keeping up to date with all that is MBPE.

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