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Yesterday, Today, Tamanu…

Welcome to a new skin care ingredient to get talking about… Tamanu Oil. So good that our friends at Green Keratin have created an off-shoot company called Tamanu Organics that has a number of products, all of which contain this fabulous ingredient.

“Our story began in 2008, when we started creating bespoke skincare products from our kitchen counter in South London. We discovered a shared passion for natural, organic skincare which soon became an obsession. We became fixated with finding the purest, most effective natural and organic ingredients. In 2013, our quest for an effective plant active skin-super-hero led us to Tamanu oil, also known as nature’s ‘green gold’. We were so impressed with the powerful, multiple benefits of Tamanu Oil that we decided to create an entire skincare range with it. We travelled to Vietnam to source the best organic oil we could find from a small-scale producer.”


Where does tamanu oil come from? 

Tamanu Oil, known in the botanical world as calophyllum inophyllum, is naturally occurring  oil that is extracted from the fruit kernels of the Tamanu Tree. The Tamanu Tree is an evergreen tree belonging to the Mangosteen family and is indigenous to tropical countries such as Vietnam.

Twice a year, the Tamanu Tree flowers the most gorgeous, sweet-smelling white blossoms. These gradually give way to luscious green clusters of fruit, which transform to yellow as they mature. It is inside this thin, fleshy fruit that the Tamanu nut can be found. In order to extract the best quality oil, the Tamanu nut should be allowed to fall from the tree naturally. These pale fruit kernels are then laid out on racks to cure for around 1-2 months. During this time, their pale colour deepens to a brownish-red and they begin to release a strong, rich oil.

Ensuring the best quality oil

In order to extract the luxurious oil, the producer extracts the oil from traditionally and ethically sourced Tamanu kernels combined with modern processing, incorporating the latest scientific research and techniques. The kernels are harvested from USDA certified organic agricultural land around Vietnam; this area has the perfect climate for Tamanu kernels.

For the team at Tamanu, they use the cold-pressing method for extraction. Unlike conventional methods, this method (due to absence of heat) doesn’t strip the oil of its natural nutrients. Tamanu oil is very luxurious and exclusive because it takes a large amount of kernels to produce a small quantity of oil. In fact, it takes around four whole trees worth of Tamanu Kernels to produce just 20 litres of “pure” Tamanu Oil, depending on the size and yield of the trees.

How Can Tamanu Oil Benefit Your Skin? 

  1. Healing Properties

Scientific studies have highlighted the healing properties of Tamanu Oil, this is because Tamanu Oil not only aids in the production of new skin tissue, but it also has significant anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic, antibiotic and antioxidant properties.

The incredible healing properties of Tamanu Oil were first discovered in 1928 by Sister Marie-Suzanne, who applied Tamanu Oil topically to effectively treat leprosy. A few years later in the 1930s, researchers in France discovered that Tamanu Oil was being widely use to effectively treat and heal a number of patients suffering from serious skin problems. One of the most incredible examples of Tamanu Oil’s healing properties comes from Saint Louis Hospital in Paris, where a woman has a seemingly incurable ulcer on her leg which the doctors believed needed to be amputated. However, after applying regular dressings of Tamanu Oil, her leg eventually healed and was saved.

The incredible healing ingredient within Tamanu Oil is a unique fatty acid called Callophyllic Acid, which is thought to be one of the components responsible for the generation of new skin tissue.

So, we can see that one of the real healing power of Tamanu Oil is it’s uncommon ability to suport the formation of new and healthy skin tissue. This accelerates the healing and wounds and the growth of healthy and radiant skin, a process known scientifically as “cicatrization.”

  1. Fighting Against Ageing

Whether we like it or not, ageing is a natural process and there is nothing we can do to stop that, but there are ways we can reduce its effects on the skin. As we have seen, Tamanu Oil’s unique ability to support the skin in forming new tissue significantly adds to it’s anti-ageing properties. However, the process by which the skin ages is aggravated by several factors: lack of moisture, environmental pollutants, UV damage and a lack of nutrients.

Tamanu Oil is fantastic at battling against these ageing factors and helps to reduce the detrimental damage that can be done to the skin. Tamanu oil, as it is absorbed into the dermis nourishes, moisturises and repairs any dry and damaged epidermal cells. This oil also contains an ingredient called Sc Glucan, which is a natural UV protectant. Sc Glucan has the ability to protect the skin against up to 85% of damage that can be caused by the oxidative stress and damage that occurs when your skin is exposed to UV light. By helping to not only regenerate, but also protect the skin, Tamanu Oil has the ability to create a long-term difference in the quality of your skin, helping it to look youthful, radiant and healthy.

  1. Soothing Irritated Skin

Although within the skincare industry, the focus seems to be geared towards those with mature and ageing skin, Tamanu Oil is able to help treat those with other minor skin irritations. This is because of the amazing and unique components that create the foundation of this oil.

Tamanu Oil is perfect for those who suffer from acne, irritation and redness due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. This oil contains a few very interesting components: Lactone, which is an antibiotic, and the anti-inflammatory agents Calophyllolide and Courmarins. As well as this, Tamanu Oil contains many different types of lipids.

These elements not only help to reduce inflamed and painful skin disorder such as acne, but they also relieve other irritations such as sunburn, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and even insect bites.


The first tried and tested of the Tamanu products is the Tamanu Neck and Bust Cream which is now available on our site and makes the perfect addition to a natural skin care lovers regime. Watch this space as we get testing more.

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