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Water for the People

There are so many brands out there today that have realised the importance of giving back to the world, using their power (and profits) to become agents of change. We love these stories, these missions and we’re proud to be partnering with more and more companies that operate under this ethos.

So let’s talk about Water for People. It’s an International Non Profit organisation currently working across nine countries with the sole mission to bring safe water and sanitation to 4 Million people.

Yes, there are many companies now working with water projects. After all, it’s the one thing that the planet and people need above all else. Poor water is a killer, and there are charities working endlessly to build wells, install toilets, and set up pumps. And that’s great. But Water for People is an organisation that operate above this level to create long-term, sustainable change. They invest in talking to community members, governments and business owners to find out what they need to feel healthy, safe and empowered. They work tirelessly to change the system and set up water and sanitation services that will last for generations to come. How’s that for a mission!

Imagine this, women and children across the world spend up to six hours every day collecting water. Between them all, that’s around 125 million hours a day. Over and above that somewhat frightening figure, is an even more terrifying one. Women and girls living without a toilet spend 266 million hours between them each day finding a place to go to the loo. Astonishing isn’t it?

Water for People has a clear vision, to create a world where every person has access to reliable and safe water and sanitation services.

You can help, simply buy buying one of our Hip water bottles. Because for every bottle sold, the brand owners will donate enough to provide two days of clean water through Water for People.

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