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We’ve talked about MBPE being at the forefront of a shopping revolution, and it’s as we go forward day by day, week by week that our revolution will take hold.

This business we’re building, at its heart, is focused on providing the best for the community that have been so loyal to us from the very beginning. The people who share incredible discoveries with one another, those who help each other, support each other and are kind to one another.

We’re often congratulated by the brands we partner with for creating a space that is so warm, so positive, so uplifting. We proudly tell them it’s not us, it’s you, the MBPE Followers that have created that. We have simply provided you with the canvas, the framework, the platform.

But we need to remember that this is a business. We need to make sure we are profitable, that we can continue to support and manage the group, ensuring it maintains its integrity, honesty and optimistic outlook. And that takes a lot of work.

The business has evolved steadily over the past two years, set up initially as a small group of friends. Then, selling the odd product that couldn’t be found anywhere else, direct through the group. Next came the showroom, a space from which we could sell more products to make ends meet, and get to have a one to one shopping experience, learning more about what our followers wanted, needed and were feeling was missing the mark. As the needs of the shoppers, and the business grew, we created the ecommerce website.  A reasonably standard growth pattern emerged. But with the group at the heart of the business, it’s the growth and maintenance of that space that takes the most time, the most energy and the most emotion. And it’s this space that is the most important part of My Best Product Ever and the part that we were never able to commercialise. And being truthful, to keep it running, keep it positive, keep it from ruthless Network Marketers and Self Promoters, we HAVE to find a way to make this work, to make ends meet.


With more and more customers shopping from us making ends meet is becoming increasingly tough. With every step forward we take, there are associated costs and a huge impact on the number of (wo)man hours needed in each day. And as the group grows, so does the time investment needed to keep it running, keep motivating, keep it the space you love so much.

Our desire has always been to give as much as we can. Whether a great discovery, a great experience or a great offer, but in reality we have spent a huge number of hours helping amazon’s profits increase over the past two years. And that’s OK. It’s a true reflection of the world we live in. People come to MBPE to discover, to share and then mostly head to Google to search and shop. When Amazon Prime boosted their package in May 2017, our sales slid dramatically. So now we realise we need to embrace this natural behaviour. So we’ve set about looking at the business from every angle, what works, what doesn’t, what our followers and shoppers want, and what we can afford to deliver to them.  All this while needing to be profitable so that we can afford to keep going, and afford to keep growing.

We know what makes MBPE special, we know why people love it, we know that through our very special Facebook Group all 51K of our followers are able to make better shopping choices, able to trust in their purchases, are able to find the very best products whatever their needs.  And this is exactly how we can now plan to grow the business and make it sustainable.

Over the past year, we’ve wrangled and wrestled with all of the directions the business could take. We’ve tried and tested initiatives, launched a loyalty programme, launched a membership programme, and introduced free delivery for orders over £50. We’re doing our everything to get it right. And now, the time has come to take the next step up and we do this with huge drive and excitement as we really can now deliver more.


Every day we have hundreds of posts and comments to go through. We KNOW what, you like, what products are most loved, what topics are most discussed. Our strength now in making MBPE fulfill a role in your life beyond a FB Group is clear. We will listen, we will hear and we will fulfill your product needs by reaching out to the brands you love the most and negotiating discounts for you when you shop directly with them. It’s a whole new way of working for us, and with it comes an opportunity for us to become a part of our partners' marketing plans, enabling them to reach an audience that loves them, or would love to discover them. And you'll only hear from relevant partners - the products or categories that have enjoyed significant and positive chat on the group.


It’s important to say that we will be seeking offers from the most talked about products. The products that are mentioned over and over, that we know you buy, that we know you love. And we will be asking them to provide a 10-20% discount on the products to you, their loyal fans. We will also continue to work hard to find new, emerging and under the radar brands and products that we know you’ll love. We might make these available to purchase through our website, but we could also make them available at a discount when you shop from the brand direct. And if the product is an interesting one, a unique one or one that is difficult to understand, we may even give rights to the company owner or spokesperson to be a voice for the brand on the group to answer your questions.


We’ve always said that helping the small brands build their business is key. That we want to partner with the little guys, the brilliant companies and lovely product owners out there that simply struggle to get heard. The challenger brands, even the big companies with small products that are hidden on the shelves, without the marketing and advertising budget to support them. And that continues. What they want from us is the platform, the ability to cut through, be heard and get noticed. They want sales to hut their won sites (where possible) directly as this increases their profitability. They want to be loved, to be talked about, to build a loyal base. So in creating these discounts and offers that we can push out to the group via planned posts, everyone wins.


These posts will be Promoted Posts, where we receive a fee for placing the post on the group and highlighting any available offers to you. We will always be clear if a post is paid for, as per the legal requirements in the UK. However, it’s important that you know we have not made this decision lightly. In fact, it’s a decision we’ve labored with for the past year, trying to work out how we can do this and make it a win for us, the brands and also you, our followers and shoppers. So we’ve set criteria for ourselves, a set of rules that need to be adhered to, so we can ensure we have the right pieces in play to continue adding value to the group above all else.


  1. Be clear, open, honest and transparent when a post has been paid for
  2. Seek partnerships with the brands and products that we have evidence are loved by our audience through having sufficient posts and positive reviews in place
  3. Promoted posts should always carry an MBPE exclusive offer code which will exceed any other live code against that product
  4. All promoted products or brands must have first been tried and tested by the MBPE team and have strong and positive reviews
  5. Don’t shut off opportunities with brands and products that compete with brands and products we sell ourselves
  6. Fees will be charged at a reasonable and fair rate so that even the smallest of companies are able to enjoy this platform.
  7. Do not allow the group to ever become over saturated with Promote Posts. Be reasonable in the placement, ensuring value is added and that the emphasis of the group remains in follower discussions

We are honestly so excited to be able to be able to broaden our offering to you and promise to continue to strive to give you value, friendship, honesty and joy day in, day out.

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