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Top Bananas


The genius brainchild of husband and wife entrepreneurs Phil and Alex are Boot Bananas, which we think are seriously the best ever shoe deodorisers on the market.

Climbing instructor Phil spends his life in his boots and things were getting tough when his pupils were complaining about following him up the wall. And if that wasn’t bad enough, his (then) fiancé Alex was at her wits end when their small and beautiful flat was ruined by the smell of fruity feet and stinky boots.

No room spray or reed diffuser could fill their home with a wondrous scent. No amount of freshly brewed coffee could hide the odour. And worst of all, there seemed to be absolutely no product on the market that could actually get Phil’s boots to be odour free. And they tried everything.

It was one night, in front of the TV that Alex announced she’d found a solution.

“I’d been thinking about it for some time and knew that we couldn’t be the only people out there with this issue. I mean, it’s not that Phil has a foot odour problem, it’s all borne from the way that footwear is constructed, and it’s not on the whole made for the serious amount of use it gets with professionals.”

Wanting to avoid any synthetic chemicals, they perfected their own powerful blend of naturally deodorising salts and minerals. Alex got to work designing the optimum shoe-friendly shape, and when combining this with yellow fabric, had her ‘light bulb moment’ and Boot Bananas were born.

Over the following year we hand-made nearly 8000 Boot Bananas from home, before teaming up with a factory to create a dedicated manufacturing process

So how do these incredible deodorisers work?

The 100% cotton fabric is tightly packed with moisture absorbers extraordinaire Bamboo Charcoal, Baking Soda and volcanic Zeolite. This powerful combination draws out the moisture from the shoes (it’s this moisture that causes the bacterial breeding ground) and the essential oils permeate the shoe’s fabric giving it a great smell. Boot Bananas use the bacterial, viral and fungal ninja Tea Tree Oil, antiseptic Lavender Oil and combine it with Lemon Oil for even more anti-bac strength and a great scent too. The Boot Bananas ideally should be used right for the start in sports shoes that get heavy wear – it keeps them dry and smelling great from the start, and stops odour from ever becoming an issue. For shoes that are already stinky, use the bananas to dry them out and kill the whiff – and then make sure that you use them each time your shoes get an outing!

When not in use, store your Boot Bananas in the re-sealable bag to keep them in optimal conditions between use.

A pair of Boot Bananas should last around 9-12 months depending on use (and just how much moisture they need to absorb).

We’ve tried them in Skechers, Footy boots and Moon Boots so far and can vouch for them as being top banana in shoe deodorizing.

Support small, British businesses and entrepreneurs Phil and Alex and get yourself a pair now. Buy today and earn 14 points with your purchase.

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