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Sometimes, we strike it exceptionally lucky with our trials. It’s what we dream of, a product that will be a game-changer, a life-changer, a problem solver, for as many of our trialists as possible. And this is what is currently happening as we are midway into a trial with a product range called SugaVida. There are three trials under this brand currently live: D’Mix, a dry herbal blend to chew after meals to calm and soothe and aid digestion;  Sugavida, a natural sugar derived from the nectar the Palmyra Blossom, and the unfrickinbelievable Turmeric Superblend.

Recruiting 60 people across three trials and asking them to change their eating habits by adding one more thing to their daily routine, for over four weeks, was a tall order. We’d seen the reviews, tried the products ourselves, but we needed to find the proof of these products through our audience – in the hope of beginning to help our whole FB Community address various dietary issues.

Jo Chadwick lifts the lid and the brand and shares results to date as we begin to see the Superblend standing tall…


Group One – Pain sufferers: Arthritis, achy joints, fibromyalgia, HDS. We wanted people who were interested in taking turmeric due to its renowned health benefits. And the trialists had to be happy to drink a turmeric drinks 2-3x a day for ideally one month.

Group Two – Digestive issues: IBS, sluggish digestion, intolerances, bloating, wind. We wanted people who would be happy to commit to a tricky ask, chewing 1/2 tsp of a dried herb blend after meals, 3 x a day for ideally 2-3 months.

Group Three – Sugar addicts: Those who wanted to curb sugar cravings and were happy to replace sugar and/or sweetener for at least 4 weeks with SugaVida. A natural sugar that is low GI, and crammed with health benefits.


The first group to receive their product was the Superblend Group. This group have been on the trial for the longest, and of the three products, this is the one that can have very quick effect on people. And wow, it most certainly delivered.  SugaVida’s Turmeric Superblend is a mix of a number of natural ingredients, all perfectly blended to deliver maximum absorption of each of the ingredients. You take it 2-3 times a day, either in a drink (hot or cold), or even sprinkled on, or cooked into food. It contains Organic Turmeric Powder, with the perfect mix of Organic Black Pepper, Organic Cinnamon Powder, Coconut Extract and Inulin. Inulin is a type of prebiotic that when in the digestive tract, gets to work on the bad bacteria. As a result, if you have a particularly sluggish or affected system, inulin can cause bloating for a few days as it attacks the bad bacteria to give you a good old clean out! The final ingredient is Organic Palmyra Blossom Sugar (SugaVida). This sugar is not only low GI, but has an astonishingly high level of B Vitamins and is therefore great for skin, hair and nails – as well as curbing your sugar cravings!


GOLDEN MYLK An ancient recipe that still works…

SugaVida’s Turmeric Superblend, is perfect when mixed with milk, hot or cold, and it provides all the benefits of taking turmeric with the added health benefits of SugaVida. In our trials, MBPE members have tried it in their coffee, some with warm milk, others with cold and I’ve even made eggy bread and roasted butternut squash. When taken twice a day, this wonder drink is not only delicious but also healing.

So what’s it all about… Known in Ayurveda as ‘Golden Milk’, this age-old blend has been formulated by Ayurvedic doctors to unlock the health benefits of turmeric.  By using ingredients that work together brilliantly, in precise quantities, this miracle drink offers powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-arthritic benefits, among others.

Some of our trialists saw a diference in just a week. We’re now on week 5 and honestly, we can’t fault it.


“I’ve definitely got a spring in my step and even with a lack of sleep due to poorly daughter, I’m raring to go and body doesn’t feel 150.” Mandie S

“I just have to say, it’s 11.30 am and I am up, showered, dressed. I’ve been up to my loft, dismantled a closthes rail, had a plasterer round, made breakfast for my son, got an overnight bag ready and I’m now walking the dog. Why am I telling you this? Because before SugaVida I would have been too exhausted and sluggish and aching to get out of bed. This stuff has given me a new spring in my step.” Rachel J, Fibromyalgia sufferer.

“Am starting to feel more no joint pain more consistently now which motivates me to continue, the effects are definitely cumulative.” Erica M


And that just tells the Turmeric story, tonight we have seen 2 week results on D’Mix and it’s beginning to help sleep, reduce bloating and curb cravings. As for SugaVida, again a few weeks in and the verdict is gaining more positivity by the day. Watch this space, we’ll be adding to the report! In the meantime, all products are available at 20% off when you shop from SugaVida direct and use code BESTEVER20.

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