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Green Keratin: A force of nature


It’s been over a year long love affair between MBPE and Green Keratin that started in mid-2016 with a post from a member of our Facebook Group about the Manuka and Vitamin A Clarifying Facial Oil. It was love at first drop and now for many of us Green Keratin has become our ‘can’t live without’ skincare range.

So what is it that makes all GK products an absolute dream? Let’s take a dive behind the scenes at this incredible Bristol-based company.

The story started when GK Founders Anderson Lira and Glen Keeble began handcrafting skincare products for family and friends. With a belief that your skin deserves the best, and a focus on creating effective, organic products out of the highest quality ingredients they set out to start a revolution. The pair spent two years cultivating the best formulas right from the kitchen table, and 11 years later, are still hand-crafting incredible products from their organic warehouse in London and beauty kitchen in Bristol.

This month they opened the doors to their first store, office, showroom in the very green city of Bristol. Founder Anderson Lira is passionate about the business they have built.

“Green Keratin really began as a kitchen table operation and we can’t believe how much has changed from the production of our first product 10 years ago to now. It’s really a testament to our passion, and that of our team when you look at how far we have come. We are now a team of ten people, operating out of our brand new Beauty Kitchen in Bristol. And since the kitchen table days, we’ve grown from just one hand-made product to a whole range of 70 hand-made, certified cruelty free products.”

With this fantastic tale of success, their spirit remains the same. “Although our operation is no longer at home, we still work with the same ethics as when we started Green Keratin. Our commitment to environmental consciousness and awareness hasn’t wavered, and we were proud to be awarded the Naturesave Environmentally Aware Trading Certificate (EATC), last year.”

So what makes Green Keratin products the finest out there?

Lira and Keeble have a passion for quality and the lengths they go to in order to find the highest quality ingredients are incredible.

“We are fully committed to providing our customers with the best quality organic products on the market, which means sourcing the perfect ingredients. Between us, we have travelled to over 40 countries sourcing the most precious oils and extracts from across the globe. You only have to look at our Precious Cacay Collection as proof of the lengths we will go to in order to provide the very best for our customers. Our Cacay Oil is sourced in the Amazon and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality.”

It’s this passion that also makes the pair perfect business partners for us and why we continue to carry products from their range in our web store.

“We didn’t ever set out to align ourselves so closely with one skincare company” says MBPE founder Justine Okin. “When we first heard of GK through the group, little did we know that this would also be the beginning of a whole new chapter for our business.”

Until Green Keratin, MBPE was a growing Facebook group, led by Justine who had a passion for giving her friends a platform to share great finds. She soon found herself hopping off to Aldi every once in a while to grab a heap of Caviar Creams to sell on to people who had heard of it but didn’t ‘do Aldi’.

“Green Keratin was our first proper brand partner, and little did I know when I bought the first batch of Clarifying Oil back in May 2016, that within a year I would be carrying a range of GK products, working with them on developing exclusives for our members and personally enjoying the smoothest softest skin I’ve ever had!”

So for those of you who wonder why we stock so many GK products, the answer is simple. It’s because they really are our absolute best evers. Natural, organic, cruelty-free, free from nasties, and cram packed with the finest of ingredients.




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