Princess Eye Patches by Kocostar


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After searching high and low, trying before we were buying, we laded on these beauties. Kocostar’s Princess Eye Patches in a choice of Silver or Gold. Laden with concentrated extracts, these patches help to condition, moisturise and nourish the skin while leaving you feeling ever so refreshed and bright eyed.

These single use patches freshen up the under eye of all skin types in just 10-15 mins. We’ve started keeping a few with us at all times so we can have a quick refresh at the end of the day before going out, or even on the school run!

They both contain a combination of  Caffeine, Bergamot, Aloe, Rosemary Leaf, Lavender, Freesia, while the Silver also contains colloidal Platinum.

Take put the patches and apply to clean dry skin, remove after 10-15 mins and massage the remaining serum into the skin gently.


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