Moskinto Mozzie Patches


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These incredible little patches stop mozzie bites and stings itching and reduce swelling fast. Simply, stick the Moskinto plaster directly onto the insect bite before scratching. Itching will reduce shortly after and should disappear entirely after 20 minutes. The patch can remain on the skin up to 4-7 days without having to remove it.

The patches are made of polyester and polyurethane; they have a grid shape and are coated with a skin-friendly acrylate adhesive. The product does not contain ingredients and is free of drugs and active ingredients. For bee stings the sting should be removed beforehand from the skin. (Not for use in allergic reactions).

1 Pack  24 plasters £6.00

Family Tin (42) Plasters) three different colours 10.00

To read MBPE consumer reviews, head to the FB Group and search Moskinto – this little product has been a winner since we first heard about it thanks to one of our FB Group followers.

Each pack has 24 patches

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1 Pack (24 Plasters), 2 Packs, Family Tin