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MAXIMUM LASH EXTENSION. Nanolash is the best eyelash serum that stimulates natural hair growth by adopting itself to the life cycle of each lash. After just a few weeks eyelashes become significantly extended, thicker and fuller. The eyelash serum makes hair darker and stronger owing to which lashes become significantly thicker. Also, the beauty product makes eyes look bigger and enhances their beauty.
EXTENSIVE CARE. Extension, thickening and curl of lashes is not everything! Nanolash isn’t only a good eyelash growth accelerating serum but also a lash regenerating and reinforcing cosmetic. It replenishes lashes with water, makes them more elastic and leaves them shiny. Moreover, it protects against external aggressors and combats eyelash loss.
PRECISE APPLICATOR. Nanolash goes with w thin applicator made of elastic and soft bristle. It adjusts itself to the shape of eyelids owing to which the eyelash conditioner reaches the very place where it is supposed to work – to the eyelash bulbs. The precise brush is convenient to use and distributes the right amount of the cosmetic along lash lines. Thanks to this, it works better.
EASY APPLICATION. The eyelash serum was developed to facilitate application. It has to be put on every day, at bedtime, after precise make-up removal. Just one stroke of brush done every day along eyelash root line is enough to deliver all the essential nourishing substances and accelerate lash growth.
THE HIGHEST QUALITY. Nanolash is an eyelash serum of the best action and adequate price. Just one packaging housing 3 ml of the product suffice to systematically use it for 4-6 months. You gain more when buying several packages at once! A year-long lash extending treatment with Nanolash costs less than regular falsies application.
NO. 1 IN TESTS. Nanolash is the most frequently used and recommended by women eyelash serum. Thousands of positive reviews, favourable opinions and experts’ approval is the best proof of the product’s quality. Give yourself a chance to see that Nanolash is the best eyelash serum.
PRECISE COMPOSTION. If you are looking for a product with simple yet precisely-selected composition then Nanolash is a product designed for you. It bases its action on the highest-quality ingredients that start working from the very first application. Enriched with vegetable substances formula takes care and nourishes lashes day after day.
PERFECT FOR YOU. Nanolash serves well all the lashes which are thin, brittle and short. Also, it handles the problem of excessive eyelash loss caused by various factors, for example, frequent false extensions procedures or ageing. This is an eyelash conditioner recommended to all the people who are not satisfied with the state and looks of their eyelashes.
EYEBROW SERUM. Nanolash can be used to darken, thicken and enhance eyebrows, too. It handles the aftermath of failed unwanted eyebrow hair removal by accelerating growing out of the hair and providing them with the intended shape. You do not have to buy a separate product if you want to take care of eyebrows as well!

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