Goat’s Milk Soap Bar for Sensitive Skin


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The Goat Skincare Company is set to take the UK natural skincare market by storm having fast become a firm favourite down under.

We put this product to the test with sensitive skinned and eczema suffering members.

This 100g soap bar, is made with goat's milk for soft and healthy skin. It's a gentle formula suitable also for dry, sensitive and itchy skin.

Goat's milk is a core ingredient in many natural skin care products, rich in Vitamin A loaded Selenium which is great for your skin. The lactic acid found in goat's milk is higher than in cow's milk and it’s a natural AHA,, making goat's milk a great choice to keep skin looking youthful.

We've also heard that Goat’s milk may even be delaying signs of ageing as it's component fat molecules contain anti-inflammatory properties. Good for skin, and great for combatting spots.

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