Dr Ohhira 12 strain of lactic acid bacteria PROBIOTICS


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Dr. Ohhira®️ 12 Strains of Lab 3 Years of Fermentation 30 Capsules / 60 Capsules

vegan gelatin.

30 capsules of 570 mg Net content: 17.1 g
60 capsules of 570 mg Net content: 34.2 g

Dr. Ohhira®️ formula is a unique blend of:
– 12 strains of lactic acid bacteria carefully selected from more than 180 kinds.
– Probiotics contain OM-X®️ botanical extract – combination of vegetables, fruits, seaweeds and mushrooms naturally fermented for 3 years that nourish your friendly bacteria.
– Biogenic. Intestinal pH balancing organic acids along with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, oligosaccharides and amino acids.

International Awards:
• Best Professional Product 2020
• Digestion Supplements Award 2018
• Best of Supplements Award 2010-2020


• Good bacteria: 12 TYPES of active and viable PRObiotic cultures belonging to the families Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, S.thermophilus.

• BIFIDOBACTERIA (B.breve M-16V, B.infantis M-63, B.longum BB536, B.lactis Bl-04®️), LACTOBACILLOS (L.acidophilus La-14®️, L.brevis NBRC 3345, L. bulgaricus NBRC 13953, L. casei TO-A, L. fermentmentum NBRC 3071, L. helveticus NBRC 3809, L. plantarum TO-A), S.THERMOPHILUS NBRC 13957

• RICH DIVERSITY of fibrous substances that create favorable conditions for the nutrition of good bacteria in the intestine (PREbiotics 100% plant-based ingredients rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and valuable nutrients):

o VEGETABLES: spinach, dark cabbage
o FRUIT and BERRIES: plums, figs, red waxes, fragrant mandarins, goji berries, blueberries
o MUSHROOMS: Shiitake and maitake mushrooms, Brazilian agaric
o ALGAE and LAWN: Laminaria, Undaria, Hijiki

• BIOGENIC METABOLITES (POSTbiotics): short chain fatty acids, organic acids, peptides, polyphenols.
Biogenic metabolites are low molecular weight substances formed during the metabolism of bacteria: when bacteria digest fibers and insoluble carbohydrates and produce substances that are useful for the body: short-chain fatty acids (acetate, propionate, butyrate), organic acids (including fulvic acid), including fulvic acid and etc.

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