Blue light blocking glasses for children or adults


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Blue light glasses
Blue light blocking glasses have been specially designed with lenses to filter out and block the unwanted blue light given off by digital screens. Wearing blue light glasses can help reduce the effects of exposure to blue light.

Can you get prescription glasses with a blue light filter?
Yes, you can get blue light blocking lenses for your prescription glasses. During the manufacturing process of your lenses, a special coating can be applied to block the blue light.

Can you wear blue light glasses all day?
There’s a common misconception that blue light lenses cannot be worn all the time. However, this is incorrect, and they can be worn all day

Using a blue filter on your smart phone, tablet, or computer will reduce the amount of evening blue light exposure. All the main electronic device manufacturers now incorporate this function into devices. The latest generation lens implants used for cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange surgery also include blue/violet wavelength filters to reduce the harmful rays emitted by devices. This does not affect the perception of blue colour.

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