Golden Beauty face tanning mist


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Revamped and re-formulated Golden Beauty is gradual self tan mist with a guide colour that doesn’t stain your clothes – even your whites! It’s anti ageing and used daily on your face and décolletage gives you that wonderful sun-kissed Riviera look.

The Science Bit

* Instant Glow

* Non aggressive formula

* Main ingredients are DHA and Aloe Vera

* Patented formulation that doesn’t stain your clothes

* Patented formulation that contains active anti ageing Hylarounic Acid and Vitamin B5

* Paraben Free

* Erythrulose Free

* 100% Natural Tanning Formula

* Penetrates the skin evenly allowing for a natural looking tan that fades without patches

Smells Like

Fresh & Glam

Development Time

* Develops within 3-4 hours

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Additional information


Anti-age, Hydrating