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Playing away: Off go the kids

It’s that time of year again when we suddenly realise we have to let go of our paranoia and let the kids fly the nest. Whether it’s their first school sleepover, PGL, a geography field trip or and end of year extravaganza it’s stressful for us parents. No matter how old they are.

Not only does the very act of choosing what clothes to pack become an absolute relationship wrecker, but the list of ‘and alsos’ grows each year. As if our kids didn’t have enough choices in life already! Thanks to the internet and their endless searches for best ever wellies, suitable sleepwear, wedge trainers and cool kagoules become all-consuming. And then there’s the practical stuff – the mobile charging power packs, the spare leads, the headphones, the hand washing powder, the phone credit (and don’t forget the extra data). It’s a minefield. And one that gets bigger and harder to navigate each year.

So, in the land of best evers, we’ve been asking the kids what they missed last year, and what they need this year. What are the problems they encounter on their trips, and what are the things they can’t live without this year.

Number one on the list, sleeping comfortably. All kids asked said that they found it hard to sleep in uncomfy beds, with uncomfy bedding and more to the point uncomfy pillows. Look no further. Our Bamboo Lumbar Pillows are exactly half the size of our normal pillows and are perfect to take on hols. Perfect for sleeping while travelling, or in bed at night, the biggest problem is removed in an instant.

Number two. Appropriately named…the prospect of sharing bathrooms over an extended period seems to be a massive issue. No-one likes doing a poo a school, let alone in a shared bathroom, especially when everyone thinks you’re uber cool. Hell what would they think of you if you landed a stinker?? Seriously, this is something the kids worry about. So help them out, chuck a bottle of Poo Pourri in their bag and flush that fear away!

When we’re on family hols we make sure the kids are well protected from the sun and well moisturised at the end of each day. When they’re away do they care? Get them to care with our Tan Extender from Australian Gold. A fab after sun moisturiser that not only keeps peeling at bay, but also both nourishes and protects the skin. Once they know it’s an extender, you can guarantee they’ll use it! Our other must have product for the kids (especially girls) is the Malibu Scalp Protector with SPF50. Face it, the kids won’t wear hats if you’re not there, but this great smelling scalp spray will protect their head from the sun and stop them from getting those nasty headaches that could ruin their evening’s fun.

So, moving swiftly on, let’s talk about phones. Make sure you’ve got a decent charging wire, and be careful you buy products that are definitely compatible with Apple if your child has an iPhone. The extra long lightening wires are a great idea, as are the battery pack for extra juice. Best to get one with a double charge to charge up ahead of the trip as if your kids are anything like our bunch they’ll most certainly forget to charge the charger! You can pick up great wires now in lots of places. We love the range from Juice which is now available in most mobile stores.

We’ve also thought a lot about best evers for phones, and the one thing we have got in for the summer are Waterproof Phone Holders. These handy bags come with straps and you can submerge them in the water without a problem, making underwater filming an absolute possibility. They’re coming in this week so watch out for the diary invite from the FB page.

Security and protecting money, passports, ID cards and more. Vital. Our Magic Belts (remember Justine’s video?) are perfect. Under clothes, over clothes, it’s that simple.

For girls with longer hair, we’re also introducing the newest range of Bangle Bands. Fabulous neons and summer brights galore. Update your collection today.

And finally (for now) new to the MBPE stable are Wraps Headphones. They won’t get tangled up, won’t get filled with dirt from the bottom of a bag and won’t crackle. These high audio quality earphones are the latest in wearable tech. With a difference. Wear them in your ears when you’re listening to music, and convert them into a stunning wrist wrap when you’re not plugged in – keeping them safe, and in the best working order. They’re available in lots of styles and colours so check out the web now.

So, that’s it for the moment, but we’re sure with every trip we will be adding more to the list.

We’d also love to hear your views and thoughts on best evers for the kids trips so if you’ve got any thoughts, please do head to the FB group and start a conversation #bestteentravelproductsever 🙂

Over and out (and looking forward to a glass of wine once they’re packed and gone).



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