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Working with us


Any emerging or under the radar product with strong efficacy and trial to conversion should start their MBPE journey with a member trial. These qualitative trials are carried out in secret closed groups run by the MBPE Founders. The trialists apply to take part, keen to be integral to the decision making process on behalf of the community. Over the trial period, images are shared, discussions had, questions asked and positive testimonials recorded for use when the product launches to the group. Our Member Trials are where your brand finds its earliest evangelists.


There are a number of tools used to gain traction among the MBPE community. A Promoted Post pinned to the top of the Announcements area of the FB Group will ensure strong visibility for your brand. With over 70% active members per month, this is the window into our world. Investing in a promoted post with MBPE gives brands a voice in the community over the promotion period. Introducing you directly to our audience we facilitate open dialogue with our audience, giving you a platform from which you are able to directly engage with a highly targeted audience.


Precision is key and it's what makes us different. Partnering with us, you'll enjoy micro marketing at the most detailed level. With a vast repository of posts across multiple categories, insights and needs, we are able to drive your products into relevant conversations, pushing to promotions and offers and point of purchase. If you have carried out a promoted post with us, the post lives on in the group. Providing the offer remains live, we will continue to push your product into relevant threads and create relevant content ad infinitum.


All activity with us needs to deliver a win for all parties. For our brand partners, a valid voice within the community, increased brand presence and awareness, increased brand talkability and love. For the community, they win through discovery of a best ever, but more importantly and exclusive offer when purchasing directly from your business. We want to continue to grow our group, and ask partners to support that growth by becoming part of the community and bringing in their wider circles. We also charge both fees and commissions to cover our time and costs.