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Mother meets Baby

With International Women’s Day on Thursday this week, and Mother’s Day a few days away, we managed to steal some time with busy super mum Emma Bunton to talk to her about life, motherhood, babies bottoms and Mother Earth. Wait a min… babies bottoms? Yes, you heard right, bottoms… as if being a UNICEF ambassador, world super star singer, radio presenter, actor and dabbler in fashion design wasn’t enough, Emma is the Co-Founder of an incredible company called Kit & Kin. And their main product? Nappies. And not just any nappies. Kit & Kin caught our attention as these nappies are not only kinder to bottoms, but much, much kinder to the environment.

Emma joined forces with business partner Christopher Money a year or so ago with the sole aim of creating a nappy that worked, fitted, and would be kind to the environment because standard disposables take… wait for it…200 to 500 years to biodegrade. As Emma’s co-founder Chris also shared, “Conventional nappies are the third largest contributor to landfill, even though only 5% of the population use them!” According to a report by the BBC, the production of disposables also uses 3.5 times more energy, 8.3 times more non-renewable resources, and 90 times more renewable resources than real nappies. But let’s face it, real nappies are not for everyone, and many people seek the convenience (and on the go) option of disposables.  Mother of three and MBPE Partner Jo Chadwick met everyone’s favourite Baby to talk about this latest, most exciting and meaningful business venture yet.

The nappy market is a huge one to tackle, what is it about Kit & Kin that is going to change the world?
Parents need an ethical brand that they can trust, and that’s what Kit & Kin is here to provide. Most importantly our nappies are so effective and do the job brilliantly, but they’re also made from sustainable and naturally derived materials, to be kind to baby’s delicate skin as well as the environment.

Why should parents turn to Kit & Kin?
Parents nowadays are becoming more selective about what we choose for our children, as we want to only use the safest, natural products. The entire Kit & Kin range is dermatologically tested and approved, and the skincare is certified natural, so it’s perfect for even the most sensitive skin. We’re all making different choices now and Kit & Kin represents just that.

And what makes your nappies the best nappies ever?
We think they tick every box! They’re earth-friendly and made using naturally derived sustainable materials and very effective to keep baby’s bottoms dry for up to 12 hours. Your little one can wriggle and roll around as much as they please! Dermatologically tested and approved, our nappies are suitable for the most delicate skin to help avoid that dreaded nappy rash. They also have the most gorgeous animal prints! We’ve made our nappies fun and unique which I think parents love. Of course we want our babies to look as cute as possible, so it was great coming up with the designs.

And what can we expect from Kit and Kin in the future?
I’m so excited by the success we’ve had so far and I can’t wait to continue building the brand and reaching even more parents. We’re looking at bringing some more animal prints to our nappies as well as a completely new product range this year – watch this space! I’m really looking forward to what’s to come for us.

You’re a mother yourself, when you had the boys, were you already thinking about how limited the nappy options were?
Definitely. To begin with I went with the first option I was introduced to, which is only natural for a first-time parent as you’re so nervous about everything, so you go with what you’re advised! Those nappies didn’t always work well for my boys. This is one of the reasons why we created Kit & Kin, as we wanted to provide another option for parents, an alternative nappy that is kinder to the planet, better for baby and also really really cute! It was also important that we wanted to become that go-to trusted brand for parents.

Caring for babies' skin

You guys also have a skincare range. We’d love to hear more about that too. How did you go about developing the range, and what’s so great about it? As my boys suffered from eczema from a young age, I wanted to create a range of natural products which would help their skin. When it came to creating the range, it was a long process with many different stages – from the initial ideas and trialling and testing the consistencies of the products until they were just right to designing the bottles and branding. We think the end result is brilliant, a gorgeous range for mums and babies which is all certified natural and hypoallergenic!

Caring for babies' wellbeing

So tell us how it all started? What was it that set you off on a journey that ended up making babies’ bottoms a hot topic for the dinner table at home? It was a combination of many things. When you have babies it does often end up being the main topic of conversation, especially with other mums! The one thing that really started the idea was my children suffering with eczema from an early age, I felt really frustrated that I couldn't find natural products which would be suitable and kind for their skin. The Kit & Kin mission was to change this and that’s exactly what we’re doing!

Caring for babies' world

With every 10 subscriptions of nappies bought, Kit & Kin are buying up an acre of rainforest. Why did you choose to support the World Land Trust and how much of a difference are you hoping to make? It’s all about making a difference where we can. The World Land Trust is a fantastic organisation which helps to protect threatened habitats across the globe, so we’re very proud to be working with them. Parents can put a lot of pressure on themselves to try and be as eco-friendly as possible, but we’re all incredibly busy and it can be difficult to find the time. So we’re offering parents a simple way to do their bit and help protect the rainforest.

Global pop sensation, radio presenter, actress, businesswoman, UNICEF ambassador – when do you get to fit in family time?
Like every mother I’m constantly juggling everything. Of course my boys are my priority, but I love the fact I get to go to work and create amazing products for families. With Kit & Kin it’s been a real family effort as Jade and the boys have also been so involved in the process from the very beginning and we’re always discussing new ideas. They’ve loved being a part of it. Besides work, we always make sure we sit down together for dinner every day and read before bed, which is very important to all of us.

And now that you’re in a sea of nappies, and already waking up early every day for Heart Fm can we expect to see you with another bump any time soon?
Never say never! In the New Year I was talking to my boys about want they really want for 2018, and both of them said they’d love to have another sibling! If we’re lucky enough to have more children that would be amazing, but we’re very happy and so fortunate to have two wonderful healthy boys.

If you’d like to find out more about Kit & Kin please visit their website and if you’d like to buy a subscription you will enjoy a 20% discount by entering our MBPE20 code at the checkout.


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