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MBPE MEETS: Louise Taylor

Pilates instructor, North London mum, and MBPE member Louise Taylor was recently interviewed by the Daily Mail about life as a modern woman over 50 who’s looking great for her age. Justine caught up with the mum of three to find out what her absolute best evers are.

JO: So Lousie, fitness is obviously a massive part of your lifestyle, so I’m sure you think long and hard about the products you use on your body. Tell me, if you were stuck on a desert island, what would the one skincare products be that you’d miss the most, and why?

LT: For my body I use Aromatherapy Associates’ inner strength body oil. Cruelty-free,paraben-free and organic it ticks all the boxes and smells incredible. It leaves my skin soft and supple and fine lines are erased particularly over the decolletage…The smell makes me feel uplifted with a sense of clarity. I love all their collections and often use them in my private sessions sprinkled on a tissue and tucked into my clients’ clothing around the neck area or dabbed on pulse points.

JO: OK, so moving on to makeup. Let’s imagine you have got a week ahead that’s full to the brim, work, lunches, parties in the evening. Name one die-hard makeup product that you’d have to rebuy if you forgot to pop in your bag.

LT: Definitely has to be Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish. It makes me look as if I have had zillions of hours sleep and have woken refreshed and raring to go.

JO: They say home is where the heart is… what’s the one product in your house you couldn’t live without and why.

I love my Koh. Found on My Best Product Ever …my go-to for inspiration and guidance in so many areas of my life.
I couldn’t be without it. It gives miraculous results with one product. Cleans everything and anything beautifully.


Louise loves to use Aromatherapy Associates products at work in her studio and to help her clients.


Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Vanish is Louise's top choice. Tell us below if you agree or share yours.


One of our favourite finds too, koh really is a game-changer and we love that Louise found it via MBPE.

Louise Taylor is a fully qualified Pilates Instructor having been qualified for 20 years. She runs her studio from a purpose-built and designed studio space in a tranquil North London location. If you fancy checking it out, head to

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