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We have spent so much of 2017 trying to crack how we would ever be able to shower you, our valued followers and fans, with love – and lots of pressies and are so thrilled to have finally launched our new website, membership packages and points collection scheme. All critical to making this dream come true.

Being totally transparent, as many of you know, MBPE was an accidental business. A Facebook Group started with the aim of sharing a single product. The spirit of the group took hold fast. Really fast. And in eight weeks on from that first post, there were 15,000 members on the group, all sharing and all loving this new space for discovery.

The business evolved, being led by our fans and followers, we started getting a few products in here and there, and selling them on. Never with a plan to make money, just to keep people happy and offer them even more. Christmas 2016 our web-store opened it’s virtual doors, with 50 odd product lines available, most of which were already firm conversational favourites on the group. So we created a destination for our followers to shop some of the key best products under one roof. But hey, we still never thought of ourselves as a retail business. Hell no. We were a Facebook Group that was all about loving products, sharing products, being positive, optimistic, honest and open.

People would come into our showroom – from where they could also buy some of the ‘best evers’ and they’d be congratulating us for what we’d achieved, for having such a wonderful and successful business. We’d thank them, and laugh and say “Hey, our success is your happiness, but honestly we’re not making any money!” And that’s the truth. MBPE has been a labour of love for so long, for a team of eight very loyal, very brand obsessed ladies.

And coming up to our second birthday, we’ve now started to get focussed on building a business. A business that our followers and fans will love and become loyal to. A business that will maintain it’s heart and soul and allow itself to have a Facebook Group at it’s heart. A business whose values will remain the same as the day that it started. A business that exudes integrity, honesty, optimism and openness. In buckets. Every decision we make, and have made in preparing for this point has been laboured over, with a constant questioning as to whether our loyal followers will still love us tomorrow.

But at the heart of every new initiative we launch is a desire to make people happy, to add value to their lives, to give them a space to discover new things that they can trust as great product finds. We want to shower our followers and fans with love.

The reality is, that to do that we need manpower, time and some cash on our side. And every single one of us needs to work to support our families. So the challenge is set at how we can give, give and give some more, yet be able to pay our bills and see some returns for the 16-20 hour days we are working! A labour of love indeed.

So there will be things that we do that will move us forwards, but for everything we need to do to build a viable business that pays the bills, we are utterly determined to ensure that there’s something in it for anyone that is loyal to us. So what’s our new membership programme all about then? Is it a way for us to just get money from our members? Depends which way you look at it…

We don’t ever want to take, without being able to give back more. That’s the MBPE way. So by launching the membership programme, in simple terms, we can find out more about our members, and start to give them offers on the products they buy, and the ones they love. The membership programme lets us see who our most loyal fans are, and enables us to reward them for their loyalty. We’ve created three packages to allow people a choice in how involved they want to become, and also to suit any wallet. The more you spend on membership, the more you’ll save. It’s simple economics. If we charge a minimal fee for being a shopper, we need to ensure that you get that value back from the membership. There’s a free entry route, and then there are two packages. The Bestie which is a £60 per year package, that’s worth over £125. For the price of a coffee and a croissant a month that’s pretty good going I’d say. The BFF package is our premium package for those who shop really regularly with us and have got the itch in their wallets. It’s £100 payable upfront, but BFFs will get on average around £235 in value a year. A pretty decent buy by all accounts!

And it doesn’t end there. With every £ spent, members will collect a point. For every 50 points collected, they will receive a free gift with their qualifying order. So given that most of our shoppers spend around £40 per visit, and half of them come back again and again buying product that are cyclical purchases, they’ll be getting a free product every other time they shop. Like I said, we want to shower our members with gifts.

We’ve laboured over the whole membership thing, but it’s a way we can append a value to our company and give our audience so much more. Crucially it’s the only way we can continue to run the business and build it in line with our shoppers’ growing needs. Membership will allow us to continue supporting those genius under the radar brands, because we know you don’t have to be big, to be brilliant. It applies to every commercial partner we have, every brand we work with, every product we stock. And it also applies to MBPE. So we do, what we do because we are a home-grown business with a great story and a great brand in the making. A business we hope will stand the test of time and grow to a point where our future is secure, and we’re able to be happy in the knowledge that we can continue to share discoveries and shower our members with love, all year round.

So 2018 has just begun, with our new site, membership scheme, loyalty scheme, and some new partners and products to roll out. Watch this space, the news will be coming thick and fast as the year goes on…



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