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A Dirty Business

With every child we bring into this world, it’s incumbent on us as parents to do all we can from that first day to give them the best start in life and bring them up respecting the planet we inhabit.  As days and week’s go on, and we visit trade show after trade show seeking out best evers and looking at growing global product trends, we are learning more about how manufacturing and over packaging is speeding up the death of our planet. We, as individuals at MBPE are standing wide eyed time and time again when we hear some of the shocking facts and we’ve begun to really start seeing things differently. We find ourselves scrutinising ingredients, studying packaging, and importantly drawn to the newer brands who are really building businesses that give back, right from the start. And they are making environmental policies (as such) part of the infrastructure of their businesses. They are taking responsibility. And one such brand, is Kit & Kin, the brainchild of co-founders Christopher Money and Emma Bunton.

In the UK alone we use an astonishing 8 million nappies every day. And do you want to hazard a guess as to how long it takes a disposable nappy to biodegrade? You’ll be shocked. It takes… wait for it… 500-800 years per nappy. Dreadful, and shocking isn’t it? but before now, short of going to traditional cloth nappies and dealing with carrying dirty towelling nappies around if we’re out and about, we’ve run away from thinking about the facts. But now, the clock is ticking, the planet’s in trouble and as parents and grandparents, planet lovers, world protectors, it’s down to each of us to make a difference. Enter Emma Bunton and Chris Money, parents themselves and on a personal mission to make a difference. together they have created Kit & Kin, a mother and baby care company who want to get to the bottom of the key issues out there, and make a difference. Kit & Kin are all about nappies, wipes, sacks and skincare. And their nappies, packaging and wipes take only 3-6 years to totally biodegrade. Now that is really something. Something worth attaching yourself to. And we simply don’t want to hear your excuses about fit, about shape, about convenience. That was yesterday, when only the 2 market leaders had mastered non-leaking nappies. Today, that simply isn’t the case.


There are no excuses to be made to not giving Kit & Kin a go. Chris’ background comes from 15 years in working with some of the world’s biggest mother and baby brands and then taking over his father’s fem hygiene business in Wales. He has now totally transformed this successful local business that began to lose sales to the mass produced global brand products, and flipped the business around to become a powerhouse in the mother and baby industry, using the heritage and knowledge gained from liners and pads production, and applied it to developing the most comfy, hard working, environmentally wonderful disposable nappies ever. The business was always about firsts then, back in the day, and they were the first ever, UK makers of liners. Today, they want to continue being innovators in the field, but as parents themselves, Chris and Emma want to focus innovation around the products and industries and audiences they know and understand and the ones that can make a long term difference to the planet.

Their business model is as modern and forward thinking as their nappy design and development and they have put a subscription plan into place that’s been developed with parent’s and babies needs as paramount. What’s more, Emma and Chris are offering MBPE members a 20% discount off their first subscription. So why not make a difference today and gift yourself, or someone you love a Kit & Kin subscription. There are just so many reasons for supporting this brand, if nothing else than to give the children we are all bringing into this world a better chance for a future with less ecological problems than those we face today. At some time we have to become accountable for the waste we create, and nappies is that first massive, yet baby step. So, please, at the very least, check out their website, read more, inform yourselves and others. And if you really want to make a difference, take the plunge and gift someone you love a chance for a better world. Emma and Chris are offering a 20% discount on our member’s first subscription delivery. The regular price for a one off purchase per pack is £9.99. If you sign up to the subscription service you’ll get a 25% discount and free delivery which takes the price down to £7.50 per pack. Then, at the checkout enter MBPE20 and you’ll get a further 20% discount off your first subscription delivery which takes the price down to only £6 per pack. Plus you’ll be responsible for saving a tenth of an acrea of rainforest. Can’t say better than that!

And if you want to hear more about Emma’s journey, check out our interview.

Kit & Kin's Nappy Range

The nappy range isn't only much kinder to bottoms and the environment but it features the cutest of characters on the back, really showing the brand's both cheeky and wildlife loving personality.

Kit& Kin are giving back

Kit & Kin are committed to protecting your little ones now and in the future. That’s why they've teamed up with World Land Trust (WLT) to raise awareness of rainforest conservation and to help save and protect threatened habitat across the world.

Kit&Kin's Skin Care Range

Inspired by her own children's skin complaints as babies and toddlers, Emma set out to create a range that was not only 100% natural but would be gentle enough, and hard enough working to help babies and children with sensitive skin and eczema.

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