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Jack Harvey London specialises in long lasting, alcohol free designer essential oil reed diffusers, luxury scented natural candles that are paraffin and paraben free, beautifully uplifting room sprays and gorgeous fine jewellery. This brand has a story behind it please read on and support…….. Jack Harvey London was founded in memory of my sister Salima. She is the beautiful inspiration behind my brand. A few years ago, Salima was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of terminal breast cancer while pregnant and she spent a lot of time having treatment in hospital. Salima loved the scent of flowers, but unfortunately I could never buy her any as they would make her sneeze with hay fever. Instead, to cheer her up and lift her spirits, I would buy her reed diffusers, some expensive, some slightly cheaper, but her main issue was that she couldn’t smell them properly, and the ones she could smell didn’t last very long. It was then an idea was born in my head that became Jack Harvey London, where all our fragrances and essential oils are expertly blended and lovingly poured by hand to give every luxury scent we produce that touch of beauty, elegance and class, embodying all the best characteristics of my beloved sister. Because our designer reed diffusers have been carefully made with the highest quality essential oils and finest fragrances, and our candles consist of natural coconut, soy and rapeseed wax with absolutely no paraffin or paraben chemicals, these products will continue to scent your home purely and perfectly from start to finish. It took me a year to produce these amazing candles, diffusers and room sprays and with support from a very patient husband and three awesome children, a loving family and friends network, and all our thousands of happy customers, including celebrities who support our social mission, we have done extremely well. you will find our scents in some of the most prestige establishments Jack Harvey London became the exclusive signature scent provider for the iconic London Hilton on Park Lane, the flagship hotel of the internationally known Hilton brand. In 2019 we became the signature fragrance in celebrity owned Michelin starred restaurants, Le Gavroche (owned by Michel Roux Jnr), The Waterside Inn (owned by the late Michel Roux Snr), and Bibendum by Claude Bosi. In 2021, the prestigious Chelsea sushi restaurant, Dinings SW3 chose us to be their signature fragrance and toiletries provider including hand wash, soap and luxury hand sanitiser. Celebrity Masterchef semi finalist Nisha Parmar also chose us the produce the scent for her new tearoom and cafe, The Secret Garden. Through your purchases we have been able to donate to some wonderful charitie

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