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Eat and Enjoy

With an estimated 20% of the global population estimated at having some level of food intolerance, awareness of gut sensitivity – and products that help to deal with it – are on the rise. Jo Chadwick helps explain the issues and why our trial of PharmaVita’s EatEnjoy digestive enzymes, was a huge success.

It’s important first to distinguish between allergies and sensitivities. The two are entirely different and need to be treated in entirely different ways. If you have an allergy, your body rejects certain foods and consuming those foods can result, in some cases, in fatalities. Important also to note, that in the case of an allergy hope is not always lost. Sometimes our bodies can even recover from allergies. In this instance though, it’s vital to work with your GP, Immunologist or Allergist to take the correct and planned measures to ladder the immune system back to full acceptance.

Intolerances, on the other hand, are simply our body’s way of telling us that we have an issue digesting certain ingredients. An issue that can, more often than not be reversed if one militantly sticks to a plan to remove, to cleanse, and then reintroduce the offending foods as per instructions given by (again) a professional. Also important to bear in mind that your intolerance may well come back.

Typically, the symptoms of intolerances all show themselves in up to three places – the digestive system, the skin, and the respiratory system. Symptoms may occur within a few hours, but in some cases can even take a few days to be noticed. Common symptoms can include: Diarrhea; Bloating and Cramping; Rashes; Headaches; Nausea; Fatigue; Runny Nose; Reflux and Flushing of the skin. For some people symptoms could be mild, and for other debilitating. For some even, they may be ignored and blamed on eating too much, too little, the weather etc. If you do suffer from these symptoms regularly, it may well be that you’re one of these people with an undiagnosed intolerance.

Personally, I discovered I was intolerant to gluten through having excessively itchy elbows. I realised that whenever my mother-in-law came to stay, my elbows would become hot, dry and burn. I started wondering what was making this happen, asking myself if I was actually allergic to her. But no, whenever she was here there was something I was doing differently. I was eating way more bread. Crusty bread dipped into expensive olive oil and real Balsamic. Crusty bread dunked into hummus or mopping up some soup. So off I headed to Google and there it was, gluten intolerance can result in… itchy elbows! I cut out gluten for around 8 weeks and slowly introduced it back in, and hey, all fixed. For now. But it’s not that simple for everyone and for some, avoiding it at all costs is often the approach taken.

So imagine how excited I was when we discovered PharmaVita and their magic pills at a trade show earlier this year! Strictly for people intolerant to Dairy, or Gluten, these enzymes are to be taken with food. Well, with the food you would normally avoid. Yes, these miracle pills enable you to eat, and enjoy, the foods that usually you have to avoid.

So how do they work?
Scientists agree that the main cause of lactose intolerance is the body’s inability to effectively break down the sugars in lactose because of a lack of the right digestive enzyme – lactase. It’s a genetic fact that many people just don’t produce enough lactase enzymes to cope with dairy products. EatEnjoy Dairy is a unique blend of enzymes, lactase and protease, specially formulated to help people to enjoy dairy food. Simply, the lactase enzyme improves lactase digestion in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose. So you take the tablet, it puts into your body exactly what it needs to break down the thing your body rejects. Simple. And for Gluten it’s the same concept.

Gluten is difficult to digest full stop. And this results in varying levels of gluten sensitivity across the board. Breaking down these proteins speeds up digestion and allows the proteins to pass through the gut without triggering a reaction.

EatEnjoy gets to work on gluten proteins fast and efficiently offering a much more superior level of break down in the gluten proteins that cause immune responses. It’s all very scientific, but in a nutshell the enzyme blend in EatEnjoy Gluten attacks both the internal and external bonds that make up the gluten protein rendering the gluten unable to attack the inner lining of the small intestine (which is what happens when you react to gluten). To find out more about the science bit best to head to the EatEnjoy website!

We ran a trial in the summer for EatEnjoy and had 20 gluten intolerant trialists and 15 lactose intolerant trialists all tucking back into the foods they missed to see if we had indeed found a best ever! The results were incredible with people who usually give a wide berth to dairy enjoying ice cream during the hot spell, lapping up cheeses after dinner, heading out for pizza at the local Italian. Our Gluten trial also saw strong results with people seemingly more nervous to push the trial to the limit, so took baby steps to re-enter gluten foods into their diet. Those who were careful saw great results and came out of the trial with a keen sense of what their body could take, and what was too much – in one case a lady started with toast, enjoyed pasta in small portions but realised that bagels were a step too far. Another saw the tablets work across the board but only with moderate portion sizes on heavier foods. And for some, absolute freedom of diet. We saw only 3 participants who reported that the products had not worked for them. A shame, but then with a 90% success rate we really feel we’ve found a best ever.

Since the trial, PharmaVita has launched a new product called EatEnjoy Balance which helps reduce the feelings of digestive discomfort and supports regularity in the digestive system. It contains a unique blend of 13 different digestive enzymes & Bacillus subtilis – a good bacteria found in the human intestinal tract, that helps the body digest complex foods.

Combined with the enzyme blend, EatEnjoy Balance contains Bacillus subtilis which helps to maintain balance in the gut through adding in healthy bacteria to promote intestinal health and good bowel movement.

So as we come into the season of eating, why not give EatEnjoy a chance and begin to enjoy some of the foods you love, but in the past have not loved you back! Use code MBPE15 at the checkout to enjoy 15% off when you shop. Head direct to EatEnjoy to buy.

Please note that these supplements are not suitable for coeliacs or other food allergy sufferers.

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