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Let’s talk tan… not your two weeks in the sun, tan. But the joys of all year round out of the bottle tan. Or the pain – for some.

The subject of fake tanning has never been more accepted than it is today. From mobile spray tanning salons, to mousses, oils, sprays, creams and wipes. And even some things in between. Many of us Brits love a fake tan, after all we all feel better in the summer, our skin looks clearer, less tired, more relaxed, and if you haven’t got the body you desire, everything looks better with a bit of colour.

And fake tan, faux tan, self tan (call it what you want) are all ways of feeling that little lift all year round. And boy oh boy does everyone have a view and a half about it. So we thought we’d share our low down on what we’ve learnt along the way and why we just can’t find anything that beats our BPerfect 10 Second Tan.

Let’s start with St Tropez. The classic number one top seller, who – according to their website sell one product every fifteen seconds globally, This market leader offers what they call a ‘wardrobe of choice’ boasting the perfect product for every skin tone. They claim that the product is streak free and easy to apply, quick drying and non-sticky, enjoys even fade and has no self tan smell. Be interesting to understand how this is qualified, as there’s a distinct smell, we’ve endured streaks, and sadly also seen uneven fade. Guessing the small print on usage will blame that on us though?

Let’s move on to the popular and relative newcomer White to Brown who also offer a wide and varied range, incorporating different tones, types and complementary products such as body polish and shower gels. Their Wash off bronzing gel smells stunning, looks wonderful but heaven forbid you end up in a rain storm, or feeling a bit sweaty as it’s designed to be kept dry. Not only that, sadly as well as some great ingredients, we can also see the inclusion of parabens, mineral oils, artificial perfume. So not whiter than white then…

Next up, Fake Bake. Love the cheeky name of this tan. We’ve had reports of smell, streak and that it’s tough to apply, but when it does, lots of good reviews. And the range is huge, and all encompassing. Most interesting is their ‘The Face Self-Tan Lotion’ which contains clinical levels of Matrixyl-3000® from Sederma to benefit the skin, allegedly ‘reversing the anti-ageing process’ (doesn’t that mean ageing you – oops!). Also containing botanicals to hydrate the skin. They do say that for best results you should use thir buffing polish first. So however, good it is, it’s also a 2 step and two product process. So what does ‘clinical levels of Matryxil-3000 from Sederma actually mean? It sounds good, and clinical doesn’t it? Well, Sederma is a company who develop bioactive ingredients for the skin care and cosmetics industries and they are the developers of Matrixyl 3000 which according to experts at The Truth In Ageing is made from two peptides, palmitoyl-tripeptide and palmitoyl-oligopeptide which reportedly work together to mimic the appearance of broken down collagen, causing the skin to react by producing more collagen, as well as elastin. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Skinny Tan receives a huge amount of love on our Facebook Group with users reporting a clean, even coverage, subtle enough for the slightest lift or strong enough for the hardened tanner. We hear lots of members talk about, the pleasant smell, steak free application and most of all the offers that are often around via Superdrug among others. With a wide range of great looking products, we’ve not heard anything bad about this brand as yet. So why aren’t they our best ever? Well simply because we like to support the brilliant brands no-one knows about and help them on their journey to success… and Skinny Tan have already made it (and can’t give you a 10 second promise).

Ten Second Tantastic

So moving on… the wonder that we have found in BPerfect. The 10 second, yes, 10 second tan that dries in, yes you’ve guessed it, 10 seconds. Developed by a man, for men, this spray tan is pigmented for instant colour, and as it sinks into the skin, works with your natural pigmentation to gradually build over a few hours. No streak, even fade and dries so fast. It’s been our best seller for almost a year now, and if you head to the group and search BPerfect you’ll see heaps of consumer reviews that speak for themselves. It’s our best ever, simply because at £20 (without a mitt) it’s the best price ever for a tan that works so well, is simple to use and really lives up to all it promises.

With this in mind, what were we to do when BPerfect announced that they’d launched a new product they wanted us to try. A mousse. Not quite a ten second drying mousse (now that would be something) but like it’s spray sister, quick drying, non biscuit-smelling, even and stunning colour. Tough call. We all love the spray already. And you can only have one best ever… or can you?

We agreed to take the mousse in for a member trial and advertised on the group for 3 members who were tanning mousse fans. We needed people who hadn’t been converted into ten second spray fans, we needed real mousse fanatics, those members who simply love the feel of a tanning mousse. And we’ve put it to the test, with real people and await the results.

So watch this space, and in the meantime, if you fancy trying the ten second tan click here, or if you’ve any tanning inspo you want to share, please comment below.

photo credit: Bperfect Cosmetics FB.

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