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And no, the game (thankfully) isn’t footy! As we move further into 2018, and our second year of trading, we’re still as in love with this business as ever and now we’re planning on starting a revolution. But before we talk revolution and turning the shopping world upside down in a good way, we thought it time to tell you a little more about how we work, and why we do, what we do

We’ve been asked a lot recently how we make our money. Asked by suppliers, asked by business leaders, asked on training days and asked by some of the more upfront members and shoppers. The reality is, there’s no mystery to it. Many of our followers think this is a huge business. A wealthy start up, heavily commercialised and one where we’re all raking it in. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Working on this business is a labour of love. Same for any start up. You have an idea, you want it to fly, you invest every little bit of time, energy and love you have into trying to make it work. Trying to grow, to build and to break even. We’re not quite there yet, but if Uber can operate on a break even strategy, then so can we.

And that’s what it’s all about right now. With so many followers loving the FB group and getting the very best advice from one another, we remain fixed on not making decisions about the company’s commercial growth that might jar with the very community that really keeps the brand alive. All we know is that there are (now) over 50K people that have made our business fly, and we hugely value each and every one of them.

You know the look on a child’s face when they get the present they always wanted, the satisfaction your hairdresser has when you leave them feeling fabulous, the kick a fashion designer gets seeing people loving and wearing their clothes? Well we get that kick. Every, single, day. We get pleasure and joy from hearing shoppers’ stories, reading their reviews, seeing their long eyelashes, golden tans and smooth skin. We love being able to see what everyone is after, is talking about, what they want, what they need – and going out there and finding brands and products that do the job brilliantly. And not only that, we love helping those brands find a voice among a community of product lovers. Gaining their early fans and supporters and helping them grow into bigger brands.

So are we raking it in? Certainly not. We both take less than the minimum wage out of the company. We’ve both taken out loans to allow us to work for longer at this level, wanting to inject as much as we can back into the business. We work every hour we can. Texting, emailing, WhatsApping, FaceTiming around the clock, technologically joined at the hip. Between us we’ve worked out what the bare minimum is that we can survive off for the next year, keen that any money that’s made goes into building the business and caring for our customers.

We want everyone to feel special, feel respected, not taken for granted. Honesty and Integrity are two of the most important values we share in business. We won’t work with brands and products that haven’t already been tested by a number of independent people within the group. We won’t work with companies that want to pay us for placement. We also won’t work with brands or businesses that don’t care about our community and their views. We get asked “what happens if I work with you and someone hates my product and gives a bad review?”. We say ‘that’s life’. The truth is though, by talking to our members, and having that broad group of trialists, we usually get it right. And it’s about getting the products that we know everyone will love, because they are the best at what they do.

It’s also the reason it’s called MY best product ever. The MY is critical. Because we acknowledge that everyone is different. Has different needs, has different solutions. So yes, there can be 3 best ever lip balms on the group, but we will only choose one to sell. And we make that decision based on whether the product ticks all the boxes that everyone needs it to tick, and whether MOST people love it. Unlike other online stores, MBPE’s ecommerce site has one of everything. We don’t do two Hyaluronic Serums, or two foot peeling packs. We try across a range and choose to work with the one we feel works best. And we don’t get paid to promote. Not ever. And that’s what most people, and to be honest, most brands, can’t believe. But if we did, then we’d be risking making the wrong choices over which horses we backed.

What we’ve realised is that the value to these brands and products lies in the access to our community. The value of the audience, and the value of the content we create to support their products and help build their brands. So it becomes a simple exchange. We invest time in promoting the products we love in return for a decent cost price so we can pass on a fair purchase price to our member shoppers. We also ask for some freebies so we can create member promotions and offers like out Bestie and BFF monthly gift box draws. We MAY, if a partner has a new product that has more of a story to tell and they want us to create additional content for them, be given a number of units free of charge so we can run some trials, or be compensated for the work we put in to help them along the way. It’s totally down to what works for each partner. But endorsement fees… never.

Our plans for the business as we move forwards are to continue to reward our shoppers. More and more. At the turn of 2018 we launched our membership scheme and loyalty programme which has meant that our shoppers now receive a free gift with every 50 points collected, we introduced next working day delivery for Besties, free next working day delivery for BFFs, member discounts and flash sales. As we head into the summer we’re now bringing you FREE DELIVERY for all orders over £50 (so yes always a free gift included in those deliveries) and our first major trials will be rolling out. Not only that we’ve introduced an option for local shoppers who are unable to reach the showroom at weekends, to be able to book weekend appointments once a month. We’re rolling out new products each week, heading to more shows to meet more brands, and are relooking at our procign structures to try and give our members the best prices ever.

What’s important to us it that we are a great company to partner with, and a great space to buy from. We really care about both ends of the spectrum and making My Best Product Ever a really unique destination and experience for all. So watch this space, we’ll be continually honing, refining and increasing the value of an MBPE experience.

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