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So here we are. My Best Product Ever… a business that has come from nowhere, and grown to a digital platform where real people all help each other to find the best product solutions for their needs. Where you can go when you want to find out what product will get a stain off your suede sofa, or which pillow spray works best. You can post pictures of scaly skin, gruesome cold sores, and you won’t be judged. Because our FB Community is filled with real people, attached to real FB profiles, who are all there for the same reasons. To share, help, recommend reviews and discover the best products around to suit their needs. GHDs versus Cloud Nine? Ask the community. Non-steroid based eczema cream? Ask the community. Best quietest dishwasher? Ask away. If it’s a product you’re after, head to our group and ask 50K real, everyday people just like you.

It makes for better shopping decisions too. You’ll save money even. Because when you shop, you know that you’re shopping for the products that work. Instagram campaigns, Facebook campaigns, reviews from Sally P from London… we just simply don’t have anywhere to go where we KNOW – like really KNOW – if we’re being served a heap of marketing bull. But our FB Group is different. You can see reviews from your friends, their friends, your family, and your wider networks. You can see real people, what they really look like, if their hair, is indeed ‘just like yours’.

Get up close and personal with the people behind the brands as the MBPE team introduce company owners to the group. The founders, the business heads so you can ask your questions to them directly. Not some call centre person who is reading FAQs from a crib sheet. On the MBPE Facebook Group the brands that are given a voice have been tried, tested and loved already by MBPE Company Directors – and often teams of member shopper trialists too.

Trialists? Yes, you heard right. Joi the group and you’ll find yourself invited to take part in product trials. Trials where you’ll receive full sized products, and get to share your views. Not in a meeting room though. Not online, but in a little FB group with a bunch of like minded souls – and MBPE Founders Justine & Jo. You’ll get to determine if these products are best evers, are worthy of sharing with the group. If they get your vote. And, you’ll have a lot of fun too!

So join this vibrant and passionate community of product lovers all sharing their best finds with each other over on our Facebook Group. Sign up for the trials, ask for advice or chip in with your product reviews and recommendations. You’ll soon find you’re making better shopping choices every step of the way – whatever you do, get yourself involved… it’s addictive.

Head to MBPE FB PAGE, give us a like and join the group…

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