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More than just a mouthwash Clinisept+ Dental Mouthwash cleanses, deodorises and protects against the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay, but without stinging or causing irritation. It has been developed for use by dentists in surgery to provide professional levels of oral hygiene, and for use at home by those who require the most effective, but gentle, assured oral care. Unlike other mouthwashes Clinisept+ Dental Mouthwash contains no chlorhexidine or alcohol colouring or flavouring. It has been formulated to be completely compatible with the oral mucosa and causes no sensation or teeth staining. It’s neutral pH ensures it causes no harm to dental enamel. Clinisept+ Mouthwash has been hailed as a ‘step change’ in dental care and is used and endorsed by many of the UK’s leading dental practitioners including Zaki Kanaan, Nilesh Parmar, Alfonso Rao, Amit Patel, Andrew Scott, Neil Millington, Domingos Mamede, Pieter Classen, Filipe Amante to name but a few. It is the recommended aftercare of choice following a dental procedure and in 2020 won the Dental Industry Product Innovation of The Year Award.

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