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It’s holiday time and many of us are planning to jet off in search of the sun! A lost bag or other essential item is probably not one of the first things to come to mind when thinking about your holiday, but it’s a fear that lurks in the back of everyone’s minds.

But now, there is a solution unlike any other, HomingPIN. We’ve met up with the people responsible for this brilliant GLOBAL Lost Property Recovery System.

HomingPIN is a simple but brilliant solution, promoting smarter travel, safeguarding identity and with hotels, train companies, buses, taxis, airports and boats using the system globally, it doesn’t matter where your item is found, it can be reported at Don’t leave it to chance that it won’t be you next. Have a read, find out more, head to their site and get yourself signed up and the products you love, protected before it’s too late.

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HomingPIN is the only tagging company integrated intro every airport in the world and the US major airline companies. Wherever you go, the HomingPIN global reporting system is on your side. Any tagged item, anywhere in the world is protected, just requiring the finder to follow the instructions on the tag to reunite you with your property. For hotels, to trains, taxis to buses and anything in between. reducing the time it takes to match lost belongings to their owners to a matter of seconds.

Each item you have protected will be linked to your personal details through a unique reference number.  Lose an item? When your lost property is found, using that unique reference number, the finder’s location will be sent to you with an instant notification by text and email.

Airlines mishandle 400,000 bags a week

1 in 6 mobile phones are lost each year

Over 46 million items are left in hotel rooms

12,000 laptops are left in US airports each week

220,000 items are lost on London transport alone each year

Most items could be reunited with their owners IF finders were able to identify them.

Registering all your property with HomingPIN couldn’t be easier. Buy a pack, attach the loop and tag to your bags, backpacks, keys, etc, and small asset labels to your personal possessions like mobile phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, wallets, passports. Or anything else you want to protect. Head to the site, register your property with each unique number on the tags on the secure global database. Presto, you’re protected.

Sign up today and take one less worry off your mind.

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