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Since the day the group began in Feb 2016, our feet haven’t quite touched the ground. When we realised towards the end of that year that had a business in the making, we promised ourselves that come what may, we’d maintain our values. Honesty, integrity, passion and optimism have remained at the forefront of every decision we make. And with this in mind, we’ve slowly evolved the business, allowing the natural behaviour of the community to guide the journey.

We are now proud to be seen as a go to for honest, real and unfiltered product recommendations. We are ecstatic that brand owners are beginning to contact us when they have a product that they think would resonate within the community. We are hopeful that as we grow, our members will come with us on the journey and get more from MBPE as every day passes. And if that wasn’t enough, we now find ourselves being seen as a trusted and safe launch space for new, emerging, under the radar and genius products, helping them to find their feet in an overly cluttered and financially competitive marketplace.

Justine's Story

My love of seeking out genius products is ultimately why I set up our Facebook group in the first place. It was never meant to be a business just a space for me and my friends to share great finds. I've always had a knack for product discovery and as the numbers of people joining our group started to soar, I realised that there are thousands of people just like me out there. Great product finders, discoverers, and sharers. Every day I'm in awe of what I've created, so proud we've built a trusted and optimistic space where people can come to get real recommendations from real people, just like them. A place where people come to get informed, be educated and to have fun. It really is my best business ever.