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As many of you have seen, last week saw us post some phenomenal before and after photos of a member shopper who has been trialling Cult 51 for the past three weeks. Our member trials are one of the perks of our paid membership packages, and we work with these brands to carry out these trials. All products and brands we work with we have trialled first ourselves. We know they work, have looked into their claims, ensured their validity.

We didn’t expect the posting of these incredible results would lead to an onslaught of negativity and members of the group tearing into the post and actually being quite accusatory to the trialist. As a result, this member has asked us to publish her response. So here it is, non edited, as provided.



You may decide just to move on but as there have been no apologies and there are a number of the women involved in Neckgate 😂 still posting, I have written a summary that you may if you want put within your very well worded warning post. I will certainly not be offended if you choose not to.


The Cult51 photos were sent to Justine as part of a trial run by MBPE . The before iphone selfie was taken the night I started, during a stay in Somerset with my Grandchildren. The second  was another iPhone selfie 17 days later but back in London, propped up on pillows watching the tennis. At no point did Justine suggest it was a professional before & after, and I accept criticism about their quality and explained the different circumstances when each was taken. I was shocked by the accusations that followed but a good photographer and Aesthetician would identify that the photos were the same person and that the differing angles explained the change in lip shape.

My neck has aged quicker than my face and up until now creams have made very little difference. I have never suggested this cream is a miracle, it may only work if applied daily and if so there is a cost implication, the effects may lessen with regular use, but family and friends have noticed a positive change and I am grateful that Justine put the time & effort in to source it and then give members the opportunity to trial/buy it. She deserves our support.

For the record as the post was not about my face (but some clearly became overly obsessed with my lips) I repeat again I have not had fillers for 7 years but do have scarring from recurrent cold sores over many years, which has made the top lip asymmetrical. I have many contacts in the Medical Profession and if I decide I want perfect lips in the future I will not only have them I will be very happy to admit to it.  Neither have I had any form of neck surgery. I have pictures aged 6 with the lip ridge (definitively stated in a post as signs of lip filler) and my daughter is cross with me as she is starting to develop the familial ageing line across her neck that was publicly identified as a total neck lift scar! For those who are so sure of their “expertise” I suggest you may benefit from a
“signs of natural ageing” v “cosmetic intervention” course. I can prove it was my face in both pictures, that I haven’t had fillers recently or undergone neck surgery, but you don’t appear to be interested in the truth.

I don’t know if the posters have families but my daughter said reading the personal comments and knowing the accusations were all so wrong made her feel she had experienced cyber bullying for the first time.

I am writing this because whilst it is a first for me, I am secure enough to laugh it off. But they knew only that I was a Member (who would be reading their comments)and didn’t appear to care about how the personal and inaccurate posts would affect me. If this had happened two months ago when I was burying my father it could easily have been different.

Fair, constructive and polite criticism is always welcome but please be kind and if you feel the need to state an opinion is “fact” make sure you can substantiate it as even “Experts” can be wrong footed occasionally.  The Professionals I know would not feel it appropriate to post an unauthorised, definitive aesthetic history based on a selfie.

A big hug to the majority of Members who understand how hard Justine works to run this site and didn’t doubt her (or my) integrity. Personally I love MBPE because of the less than perfect selfies of Members & the personal recommendations for toilet rim cleaners 😂.

Let’s all learn from this and if nothing else be acutely aware how easily a few rushed or unthoughtful comments can turn any post toxic.

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