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Creator of SEAMS Beauty, Karen J began her journey into skin care while on a millinery course. With thread sore hands, and tiny tears in her skin she asked around about what hand creams would be the best to use, given that working with fabric means that greasy residue on the skin would be an absolute no no. It seemed there was nothing out there on the market. Nothing that absorbed fast, nothing that you could use and then handle delicate fabrics, nothing that wasn’t greasy, or simply sat on the top of the skin. So Karen, a strong and passionate woman on a mission, decide to embark on the journey to create a hand cream like no other.

A few years on, SEAMS hand cream is the secret love of seamstresses, wardrobe hands, makeup artists, beauty editors, models and actors (from pretty prolific TV series) both in the UK and Stateside.

Karen has now become a regular contributor for various online titles sharing her knowledge of the emotional connectors to skincare. Here we share some excerpts from a feature Karen developed on the importance of touch. After all, our hands are the most physically used part of our bodies, yet often the least cared about.

“Touch is the one sense that we can never turn off, a newborn baby will grasp a mothers hand at the first touch, and research shows that depriving children of touch can cause a condition called skin hunger or touch deprivation, resulting in emotional problems and late development”.


We have more sensory nerves in our hands than any other part of the body, through our hands we can transmit emotions. Holding hands causes brain waves to traveling affecting the part of our brain that is associated with empathy, pain and interpretation, and triggers the release of oxytocin Aka ‘the love hormone’ releasing feelings of trust and compassion  – speaking without words. Imagine a life without touch... we are moving closer to this reality as with all our technology we have never been so connected yet disconnected!


Our natural response when a person is in distress is to hold their hand, to give reassurance. Pressure receptors are stimulated sending messages to the brain which are capable of bringing heart rate and blood pressure down. Touch also helps us sleep. Massaging hands stimulates the part of our nervous system that calms the body and mind. The pressure applied on our sensory receptors during this exercise releases serotonin which in turn helps you get into a deeper sleep.

So make sure you look after your sense of touch. Make sure you can feel your way through life, engaging all of your senses, caring for them so they are at their optimum. When we can’t see clearly, we wear glasses, when our hearing is failing we want to find out why. When we have a cold we want to clear our nose, but our hands? We leave them to be chapped, sore, achy. We don’t give them the care they need, or deserve to feel their best. Allowing the power of touch to have strength.

So please take time to nurture your skin, moisturised skin is not only soft and supple but also enhances our sense of touch. The bottom layer of skin called the dermis is filled with tiny nerve endings that send information to our brain where feelings are registered, if your skin is soft it is more sensitive to contact.”

Karen J

We love Karen’s hand cream. Not only does it smell divine, but it’s packed with great ingredients, to help fade age spots, plump, hydrate, soften and mend (yes mend) the skin. SEAMS Hand Cream absorbs instantly and is non-greasy and here’s the clever bit, it contains natural ingredients that penetrate the skin’s epidermal layer, traveling into the deeper layers, helping to mend tears and lock in moisture. So it gets to work from the inside out.

Give your hardworking hands the SEAMS touch

You can buy SEAMS Hand Cream at or head to the SEAMS website to read more.

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